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Build or deploy amazing applications on top-notch PHP web hosting platform that advocates performance, security, and freedom.

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The Best PHP Hosting Recipe for Simplicity & Scalability

Covering all aspects of a complete and comprehensive PHP hosting experience.


SSD-Based Hosting

Get the most out of your PHP app and on top-of-the-chart global response times with our SSD-based hosting.


Built-in Caches

We make use of advanced cache technologies such as Memcached, Varnish, and Redis for faster response rates.


Optimized Stack

Our stack includes Apache and Nginx as web servers, PHP-FPM and MySQL/MariaDB as databases. All these technologies combined offer superb website speed.


PHP 7 Ready

All our servers are PHP 7 ready by default. Combined with our powerful and optimized stack, you get powerful performance.


Dedicated Firewall

All servers hosted by us have dedicated firewalls. We perform regular firmware upgrades in order to keep your cloud servers secure.


Free SSL

Our built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL improves Laravel hosting security with a trusted certificate that fulfills all your HTTPS requirements for free.


Managed Migrations

Our hosting services are super convenient to help you migrate to our platform. We take care of all your requirements.


24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 live support, any day of the year. Just highlight the issue and our Customer Success Team will do the magic.

Your PHP app up to 100% faster?

Get hosting with our PHP hosting and start developing your PHP app today!

Affordable Pricing

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Trusted PHP Hosting That Delivers Performance

A performance-oriented PHP web hosting solution that is recognized by the industry.


Solution for Developers

Whether it’s testing or taking a website live, you have complete freedom.

Solution for Freelancers

A one-stop solution that serves multiple requirements and diversified customers.

Solution for Agencies

Let us handle all your stores so you can focus completely on your customers’ needs.

Solution for SMBs

A scalable yet powerful web hosting solution for business of any size.

Do You Need Any Advice on PHP Hosting Package?

Our PHP specialists are available 24/7 to provide you with free advice.
Feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every AmaZynchost PHP hosting comes with a single database. However, the Platform supports remote MySQL connections that you can use to connect to other databases without any issues.

AmaZynchost supports MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.6, and MySQL 5.7 for all PHP web applications.

Yes, you can! Our Managed PHP Hosting hosting are vertically scalable which means you can increase or decrease the size of the resources you require.

Our PHP Hosting Platform is robust enough to handle all kinds of PHP and MySQL applications, including large-scale websites.
In addition, we upgrade the version of packages as soon as the security update is out. All these measures are supported by an automated backup mechanism where all backup data is stored in an offsite location.

We do not compromise on security. This is why we hardened all PHP hosting servers hosted on our platform. Furthermore, we have deployed a platform-wide firewall which ensures data safety and security. Plus, we upgrade the version of packages as soon as the security update is out. We also have an automated backup mechanism where all of the backup data is stored on an offsite location.

Well, our PHP web hosting experts are waiting to assist you in the migration. Be noted, that first managed migration for each account is FREE of charge.

Well, Our PHP Web Hosting Platform is faster because of our magnificent ThunderStack. We make sure that all applications on our PHP MySQL hosting platform are optimized for performance.

This technology, which is served on all PHP cloud servers, is developed by combining the excellent features of Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx. You get 100% load times, because the ThunderStack.

Unfortunately, our PHP Hosting plans do not have a money-back period. For a money-back guarantee, you can use the one-click PHP installation option available with our Shared Hosting product.

Enhanced cPanel is provided with all our plans. You can create e-mails, lists, forward domain etc. 

We provide a complementary free SSL certificate for your website.


Your PHP Application Migration is on Us

We’ll move your laravel app for free, so you don’t have to worry about any migration hassles or technicalities.