A career at AmaZynchost means a lifelong opportunity to grow and realise your potential, alongside pride that comes with working with the leading web hosting company in Sri Lanka.

Current Jobs

Get ready to get hired. We’re always looking to expand our team with new talents


Marketing Assistant

Looking for marketing assistant to promote our products & services. Suitable for Active bloggers / Social Media Users.
Freelancer, UAE / Sri Lanka.


Help Desk Assistant

Looking for Help Desk Assistant with strong communication skill in English & Sinhala.
Sri Lanka.


Web Designer (CMS)

Are you a CMS (WordPress, Joomla etc) web designer? We have a role for you...
UAE / Sri Lanka.


Server Administrator

Are you in handling Linux & Windows server, get in touch with us.. We have a role for you.
Ampara, Sri Lanka


SEO Expert

Have knowledge in SEO & Google Ranking? Get in Touch with us.
Ampara, Sri Lanka

No job for you?

Don’t worry, we’re always looking to expand our team with fresh new blood!